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The true taste of the Alps

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The true taste of the Alps

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Snow-capped peaks. Cool, crisp air. A sense of space, potential and freedom. When you want to enjoy life with an added dose of optimism and fun, there’s no better place you could do it than in the Alps mountains in Europe.

So, to help you experience that fresh, natural and playful feeling no matter where you are, we’ve crafted Edelweiss, a delicate wheat beer with a naturally cool alpine spirit.

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Born in the heights of the Austrian Alps, Edelweiss is still crafted according to a brewing tradition of the 17th century. This smooth beer is brewed with the finest all-natural ingredients including a delicate blend of sage, coriander, and elderflower resulting in a subtle fruitiness and deliciously refreshing taste.

Opening an Edelweiss is like taking that first deep breath of pure mountain air.

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Holding an Edelweiss is like being on the peak of a mountain, where the crisp air hits your cheeks making you feel alive, energised and eager to have fun.

With Edelweiss, you can leave the clamor of the city behind and drink in the cool, invigorating alpine atmosphere instead. A beer that invites you to take a moment for yourself, sit back and enjoy the freshness of the Alps in every sip.