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Born in 1646 in the heights of the Alps

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Born in 1646 in the heights of the Alps

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Just like the Austrian Alps we proudly call home, our recipe has stood the test of time. Handed down by the master brewers of Kaltenhausen, a brewery near Salzburg, our golden wheat beer is still brewed today as it is was in 1646.

Kaltenhausen is located in the middle of the Alps and is a small, idyllic district of the town of Hallein, in the region of Tennengau. It is in the middle of the Alps, at the foot of the two rock towers, the Barmsteine. The « Kalte Bräuhaus » was founded by the mayor of Salzburg and the town magistrate Johann Elsenhaimer in 1475.

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The brewery itself has a brewing tradition of more than 500 years. On top of being the oldest brewery in the state of Salzburg, Hofbräu Kaltenhausen is also the oldest wheat beer brewery in Austria. With 350 years of wheat beer experience, it outdates most Bavarian Weisser beer breweries.

Brewed with dedication

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Brewed with dedication


This wheat beer tradition was reborn in 1986 when we created Edelweiss Wheat. Our beers are inspired by the rarity and preciousness of the unique Edelweiss alpine flower, a symbol of passion, courage and dedication.

Our commitment to quality and our love and care for the smallest details elevate the craft of our wheat beer to new heights. Thanks to those ingredients, Edelweiss became the most popular wheat beer in Austria in a very short period of time.

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While we’re incredibly proud of our traditional roots, we’re not anchored to them. The world is our oyster and we can’t help but enjoy the hike.